Well, as you can probably tell, I started a new blog. This blog is devoted to saving money while still living a fun and happy life. I think we are all having the most fun and happy when we are living within our means and working toward set goals. I’ll use this blog to share my frugal adventures and probably some occasional missteps! I will also post hot savings and deals that we all do not want to miss!

Just in case you happen upon this blog and do not already know me, I am 27, a newlywed who lives in Oregon and I love to eat, cook, read, run, make lists and spend time laughing with my friends and family.

My hubby and I were married a little over a year ago, but no bambinos yet so I still say we are newlyweds 🙂 He is more frugal than me, but I handle the bulk of our finances and shopping. He gets a huge proud grin on his face anytime I score a deal. Even though we attempt to live frugally, we still splurge and let loose. I love bargains, but please don’t ever call me “cheap”!


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