2009 Goals Update

Wow, its hard to believe its already March! After two months, I’m pretty happy with our progress towards our 2009 Goals. Here is where we are at now:

1. Increase Emergency Fund to $15,000 by March 1st

Progress: Done, February 2nd 🙂

2. Payoff Volvo

Progress: We made the first extra payment of $1,000 today. Yay!

3. Save $5,000 for replacement vehicle for our other car (its 15 years old)

Progress: None yet, we are prioritizing # 2 first

4. Invest in a retirement plan (IRA or 403(b) for my husband

Progress: None yet, he is not eligible to join at his employer until April

5. Move savings into higher interest account

Progress: Done! In February we moved our E-Fund to ING. The rate still isn’t great, but it is a lot better than what we had.

6. Explore taking property taxes and insurance out of mortgage company escrow

Progress: None yet, but I need to get working on this one.

Posting our goals on my blog is really helping me stay accountable. How is everyone else doing on their goals this year?


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