Calling Comcast Pays Off

After reading this blog post over at Around the Sun, I was inspired to call Comcast to see if I could lower our monthly bill. We had Verizon for internet and cable, but it was too spendy so we switched to Comcast about six months ago. My husband found a great promotion online so we are getting a pretty good deal already, but I wanted to see if we could get anything better.  I’ve successfully done this in the past so it was a great reminder to try again.

I told the customer service rep that I saw a deal from Verizon for $29.99 and wanted to see if they would match it. Our rate is $46.95 for cable, but it is $33 for cable and another $13.95 for the HD/DVR combo ( I love DVR!). So really it was only a $4 difference, but the guy would not budge. He was pretty unprofessional telling me how great my deal was (they don’t even offer such a good deal anymore) and saying that was the best I could get in a really exasperated tone.

“Well what about our internet then?” I asked. We are paying $36.95 for high speed internet and I quoted a rate I saw recently from Qwest for $24.99. “Can you match that?” No again. Apparently Comcast’s internet is much faster and we are getting a great deal (that they no longer offer) already.

At this point, the guy was getting annoyed with me, but I asked if there was anyone else I could talk to about getting a better rate. He sighed with annoyance saying, “Fine, but they will not give you anything better,” and put me on hold.

After a minute, a much nicer girl picked up and again I asked for a better rate. No, on the cable because this is a better deal than they are even offering now (again!! they certainly have their schpeals down). I mentioned that Verizon Fios is supposedly a better product and she went into her explanation about Comcast offering more On Demand and more HD. Also, she told me that they are based locally, supporting the local economy, while Verizon is on the East Coast.

 “So how about the internet?” I asked. She offered me a lower rate for a much lower speed of internet that I was not interested in, but wait. She could waive the $3/month modem fee for a year. Ok, that is only a few bucks a month, but over a year that is $36 saved!

I pushed one last time, “Well what about the DVR? $13.95 is a lot per month just for the DVR.. can you lower that?” Surprise, yes she can give it to me free for three months! Nice, that’s $41.85 over the next three months.

So, just like that, in about ten minutes on the phone, I saved us $77.85!  I will for sure be calling back in three months to ask them to renew the free DVR and again a few months after that just to see what I can save.

Have you had any success at doing this before? In this economy it seems like companies are willing to negotiate (and Comcast doesn’t have a monopoly anymore).


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  1. Chelsie

    Apparently they have a monopoly on our apartment building and know it…. 😦 We can’t do anything but pay $100/month for cable (the lowest thing above ‘limited’) and internet. We figure that we have netflix and enjoy that so we will drop our cable to the limited and up the netflix to get three discs at a time.

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