No Kiddlets…yet

Well,  I did end up giving into my burger craving. We used the ground turkey I thawed on Monday to make yummy turkey burgers (instead of the Skillet Tamale Pie I had planned). Yum!

But, back to the subject at hand.

I read a lot of frugal, personal finance type blogs and I’ve started to notice that there are many bloggers who are moms, some dads, a few couples without kids and guys without kids. I’m not seeing any wives without kids (like me). Am I missing some great inspiration? Maybe these DINK (dual income no kids) wives are just too busy working and enjoying life pre- kiddlets to blog?

I get tons of inspiration from mom bloggers since I hope to be a mom some day and we would like to work towards living on one income, but I’m wondering where women at my stage of life are at? I talk to my friends who are in similar stages of life and I know they are frugal-minded. Heck, we are just a few years into our careers and marriages. Plus we are still figuring out our own custom personal finance system and plan (because everyone has different wants/needs). We need inspiration, advice and cammraderie just as much as everyone else.


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