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“The Perfect Storm”

This recession (“meltdown”, “disaster”, etc) is pretty complicated to try and understand. I have read and heard many explanations and theories on why this happened. I have also heard many different versions of blame. This article published by CNN today gives an understandable explanation that clears up some of the confusion and truly helps me understand a lot of the finance terms.


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Menu Planning Monday


I do not always stick exactly to my menu plan, but at least I have a plan!

Monday: Leftover lamb stew from weekend

Tuesday: Buffalo Chicken Wraps

Wednesday: Baked salmon, sweet potatoes and veggies

Thursday: Ground turkey tacos

Friday: Chicken Chili (America’s test kitchen recipe); prep on Thursday

Saturday: make Spanakopita during day; Date Night

Sunday: Superbowl get together (I’m making brats, hot dogs, veggies with dip and cookies)

Yum! I’m looking forward to Thursday.

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Throwing Money in the Garbage


Most of you have probably heard about the peanut butter product recalls due to a large-scale salmonella outbreak. Even though I have a public health background, I kind of failed to pay attention for a while. Earlier this week I checked out the FDA website that lists all of the recalled items.


The items on the list that we currently have in our pantry are Zone Perfect bars; Clif Mojo bars and Clif Zbars. The website lists specific expiration date ranges for the contaminated products, but I’m just going to throw them all away even if the dates are not in the recalled ranges. Honestly, until an outbreak is completely investigated and understood, they could keep adding to the list of items and date ranges. I don’t want to chance us actually eating the product before they add it to their recalled list so into the trash it goes.


The funny thing is that I don’t purchase these types of bars too often, but the Mambo Sprouts booklet at Whole Foods had some great coupons on various Clif bars. At least I didn’t pay full price, right?


I know that the bars we have are probably fine, but I’m not willing to take the risk just to keep from wasting a few bucks. See, I told you I’m not cheap.


Right now experts recommend steering clear of peanut butter products until the full scope of the outbreak is understood. Have you checked the list and cleared your pantry yet?

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Freebies and Steals

Here is a short list of my favorite freebies and deals this week:

– Today is the last day to use the free Starbucks tea drink coupon from last week’s Safeway ad (I used this coupon a lot over the last few days!)

– Stop by Krispy Kreme for a free donut today, Jan. 20, in honor of Inauguration Day.

– Check out Target for lots of toy clearance and reduced prices on their annual home design event.

– Use this coupon for a free Bath and Body signature product, up to $12, with any purchase. It sounds like you could find something inexpensive as a purchase.

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Menu-Planning Monday

I am getting more into the menu-planning routine and definitely want to keep at it. Here goes for this week:

Monday: Turkey burgers with potato wedges

Tuesday: Turkey Jambalaya , substituting chicken for turkey

Wednesday: lamb in crockpot and sweet potatoes

Thursday: salmon with veggies and pasta

Friday: Eat Out

Saturday: Chicken tortilla soup

Sunday: Spaghetti and turkey meatballs

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No Kiddlets…yet

Well,  I did end up giving into my burger craving. We used the ground turkey I thawed on Monday to make yummy turkey burgers (instead of the Skillet Tamale Pie I had planned). Yum!

But, back to the subject at hand.

I read a lot of frugal, personal finance type blogs and I’ve started to notice that there are many bloggers who are moms, some dads, a few couples without kids and guys without kids. I’m not seeing any wives without kids (like me). Am I missing some great inspiration? Maybe these DINK (dual income no kids) wives are just too busy working and enjoying life pre- kiddlets to blog?

I get tons of inspiration from mom bloggers since I hope to be a mom some day and we would like to work towards living on one income, but I’m wondering where women at my stage of life are at? I talk to my friends who are in similar stages of life and I know they are frugal-minded. Heck, we are just a few years into our careers and marriages. Plus we are still figuring out our own custom personal finance system and plan (because everyone has different wants/needs). We need inspiration, advice and cammraderie just as much as everyone else.

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Menu Planning Monday

6a00e552792fa28833010536b470c2970c-800wiWe will be taking a little vacation over the long weekend so my menu is short for the week. Yes, I’m off duty!!

Monday: Skillet Tamale Pie

Tuesday: crispy chicken salads

Wednesday: M at work late (work provides dinner), leftovers for me

Thursday: pasta with chicken, zucchini and parmesan

Friday: on the road (pack fruit, drinks and sandwiches)

All I really want to eat this week  is pizza, hamburgers and fries… sigh.

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