Menu Planning Monday

I have planned weekly menus on and off for the last year or so. This consists of spending a few minutes on Sunday going through the groceries we have on hand, looking at what is on sale and considering what sounds good. Then I make a list of what we will have for dinner each night of the week and write my grocery list from the menu based on what I need to buy to complete the ingredients for each recipe. Sometimes I consult hubs on the menu, but he will eat almost anything. Usually he says “that sounds good.” I do use him as my tie-breaker if I can’t decide between two different meals.

I don’t menu plan for breakfast or lunches. Breakfast usually consists of any combination of eggs, muffins, hot or cold cereal, pancakes, yogurt, cottage cheese and fruit. We keep most of those things on hand all the time. Lunch consists of leftovers, soups, sandwiches… you get the picture. In the interest of full disclosure, I will tell you that my husband brings his lunch from home every day. More often than not, I go out with co-workers or eat from the cafeteria on-site at work.

When life gets especially hectic menu planning falls out the window. Trying to decide what to eat on the fly only adds to the chaos. I’m trying to be more consistent with planning and also have a few “emergency” type meals (frozen pizza) on hand.

Without further ado, here is my menu plan for this week:

Monday: frozen pizza (I’m sick so this was subbed in)
Tuesday: Skillet Lasagna (America’s Test Kitchen recipe) and side salad
Wednesday: broiled salmon and baked sweet potatoes
Thursday: Hubby out with friends and something on hand for me
Friday: tacos (ground turkey)
Saturday: dinner out
Sunday: Chicken Pot Pie with Cornbread Crust


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