Christmas Strategy


Every year I have intentions of getting my shopping done early. But I wait for the sales and see things to add to peoples’ gifts and inevitably put off the hard to buy for people until the last minute. Then I end up shopping on the day before Christmas.

This year I vowed to be done by December 1st. Several months ago I started a spreadsheet listing ideas for each person on my list. And earlier this fall, I started purchasing gifts. In October we set a budget for gifts (both for each other and everyone on our list).

I made my detailed shopping list with a specific gift assigned to each person. This should help me avoid wandering around the mall looking for something that “so and so” would like. Before I head out shopping, I know exactly what is on my list and what I’m looking for. I do a lot of online shopping too. My gift-giving strategy is:

  1. Ask the person for ideas
    I know this ruins the element of surprise sometimes, but this increases the likelihood that we all actually get something we like, right?
  2. Consumables over plastics
    When in doubt, I buy consumables. Consumables are things that can be “used up” or thrown away after being used. Edible gifts are a great example of consumable gifts. A children’s coloring book can be thrown in the recycling bin when all the pages are colored. Many plastic toys hold the kid’s attention for one hour and then sit in a pile with all the other plastic toys.
  3. Homemade
    I am not very crafty, but I have friends that are and I love receiving their crafty gifts. Homemade cookies and the baking mixes in a jar make great small gifts for co-workers and neighbors.
  4. Personal
    Any family member would love a framed piece of artwork done by you or your kiddo. And I think all grandparents love those picture calendars, photo mugs and photo albums that you can find good deals for online.

This weekend I plan on finishing most of my shopping and being done by… December 1st! Hopefully I can spend a more relaxing December wrapping gifts, baking, watching fun Christmas movies and spending time with my family and friends.

I’ll update you on how this goes and if I successfully finish on time! What’s your Christmas strategy? What do you get for the person that has everything?


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